Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Year of Nothing… and Everything (part 3)

I’ve been lucky to work with athletes nationwide and internationally for over 6 years now.  Unlike having to go to a physical therapist’s office or a massage center to get body work, you can easily receive nutrition consulting via telephone, video chats, and e-mail. There’s no need for face time to work on nutrition-related issues with me.  

But happily, about one year ago, I was able to acquire work space in one of the heartlands of endurance sports: Boulder, Colorado (which is near where I live). Thanks to eNRG Performance for enabling me to ‘expand’ from my virtual office (i.e., home) and our headquarters for testing services in the Denver/Littleton area and thanks to Flatirons Running for offering me space for my consulting and testing services in south Boulder.  Although it has been wonderful to work with athletes remotely via technology and telephone, I have to admit that it’s been incredible to meet more of my fellow athletes locally.

When I am asked what I do for work (—> sports nutrition focus in addition to assisting individuals who have medical/health issues), most people assume it must be an easy-peasey field by the fact there are tons of athletes in the Boulder area.  However, the fields of nutrition and sport nutrition are interesting ones in which to build a career. Colorado is one of the states where literally anyone can practice nutrition counseling, so we are inundated with all sorts of individuals giving nutrition guidance. The majority of these folks have no formal education or credentials.  Additionally, thanks to Dr. Google and social media, there is no shortage of nutrition guidance that permeates the interwebs. Many don’t know Board Certified Sport Dietitians/Registered Dietitians exist, don’t realize the value of working with one, or simply prefer to do trial and error until they just can’t any longer.  As somewhat of a shy gal, this has given me some fun challenges as I work to educate more local coaches, athletes and others as to the value of li’l ol’ me and what I love doing as a career.    

As the new year is hours away from where I stand, I want to take a moment to recognize some local businesses, coaches, and other amazing folks who have supported and helped me in numerous ways:

Tricia and R.L. at Flatirons Running
Terry Chiplin / Active at Altitude
Henry (and Suzanne) Guzman at Flatirons Running
Kelly and Morgan Newlon at RAD, Real Athlete Diets
Todd Straka
Lee Troop at FleetFeet
Kate Ripley at Boulder Bodyworker
Michael and Ryan at Colorado Multisport
Ewen and Heather North at Revolution Running
Dr. Rock at Athlete Blood Test / Phuel
Neeraj Engineer
Coaches: Marco Hintz, Chad Weller, Adam St. Pierre, Julie Lyons, Nicole Odell, Brad Hudson, Travis Macy, Sarah Rebick, Greg Weich, Bob Seebohar, King Lucho
Last but not least:  All of my local athletes who have stepped up and spread the word. 

Thank you.  I’m excited for 2017, ya’ll. 

credentialed, registered, and current

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