Sunday, December 16, 2012

Caffeine "Lover"

I have considered myself a coffee drinker since my dad let me have his first sip of Folgers at the ripe old age of 8.  My stomach flips thinking about that now (for many reasons), but that's where my coffee beginnings occurred.

When I attended my first round of college in Bloomington, Indiana, my caffeine habits developed further.  I didn't delve into caffeine pills or consume copious amounts of soda, but I was known to put down a diet Coke in less than 90 seconds.  Like nobody's business.  I remember a time my freshman roommate and I went to one of the coffee shops to get "real" coffee before our long weekend of studying. We downed our Cafe Viennas feeling so hip and cool. The buzz we got from that coffee made our hearts pound, vision blur, and concentration suffer. But somehow it was good enough to become an addiction of sorts.

When I moved to Colorado years later and discovered the multiple groovy coffee shops in Denver and Boulder, I became the chronic espresso-cappuccino-americano lover.  I continued to love that sensation of my heart pounding to the point where I couldn't function without at least a couple coffee beverages in the morning. I could do a morning training session without calories, but never would I consider starting my training without a cup of java.  And if there was a break while out for a long bike ride, why drink more water when there was a coffee shop around the corner?

In October of this year, I decided to STOP. A cold turkey kind of a stop.  No more caffeinated beverages.  Why and what happened?  Next post.


  1. Out of all the terrible nutritional habits I have..caffeine is not one of them. I have had 1 or 2 cups of coffee in my 45 years and no desire to have more. I do like me some coke or mountain Dew..but for the taste. One of my pet peeves is finding that a lot of the supplements and gels now have caffeine in them..and now market.."2 or 3x the caffeine".

    1. Caffeine is a well-tested ergogenic aid so it can be helpful (not necessary, of course) for your races, Scott. We can do some testing of dosing and caffeine sources in 2013 if you're game.